Monday, June 28, 2010

Making Greek Yogurt

Mmm, this was my breakfast this morning and I enjoyed every bite. I had some extra milk that I had bought on sale and needed to use up before it expired so I made yogurt.  I had made it before, but this time I decided to try making Greek yogurt.  I had heard it was thick, creamy and very good.   Well, what I had heard was right, this yogurt was delicious and now I'm hooked.  I felt like I was eating a fattening, rich dessert, but it was all in my head as I had used low fat milk and no sugar. A wonderful way to start the day!
I took half a gallon of low fat milk, heated it while continually stirring so it didn't burn to a temperature of 180 degrees.  Took it off the burner, covered and went for a nice walk.  Returned and had time to read awhile until it cooled to 110 degrees.  Then I added about 6 tablespoons of store bought yogurt and stirred well.  I poured into clean canning jars with lids and set in my Excalibur dehydrator and turned it on to 115 degrees, leaving it alone for about 12 hours.  Before I had the dehydrator I used to make regular yogurt by wrapping the jars in a heavy blanket and putting it in a styrofoam ice chest and leaving it for the same amount of time, it worked.  After the 12 hours I took a strainer, lined it with a coffee filter,  I then placed the strainer over a bowl, poured one of the jars of yogurt into the filter and covered with a dish towel.  So the yogurt didn't sour, I put it all in the refrigerator and let it drain until all was left was a thick yogurt.  I had read that the liquid that had drained was very nutritious so I froze it in ice cube trays for adding to smoothies later.  To sweeten I added stevia which is an herb that is very sweet and has no calories, but honey would be good, also.  Adding berries or other fruit makes it extra good and nutritious, I'll be making this often.


mommyx12 said...

I've seen this in the store but didn't know much about it. It seems like you make it the same way as regular yogurt. I didn't catch what the difference was. Is it just the low fat milk?

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

The difference is in the last step, letting the yogurt drain several hours in the strainer on the coffee filter leaving a very thick, creamy yogurt. I used low fat milk, but if I had used regular milk it might even be more creamy. I'll have to experiment.

Teena said...

I heard "greek" yogurt is very good. Will have to try some. I read over at Jessica & Chad's blog.

Thought I would say hello.

Nice getting to know you all...


Tiffanee said...

YUM and impressive!! I am going to attempt it. Thanks for some great directions. I love yogart!! I will let you if I succeed!! Thanks again!!!