Sunday, March 28, 2010

City Chickens

Last fall, after watching the movie, "Food, Inc." we decided to get some chickens so that we could have organic, free range eggs every morning.  Chuck and our oldest son, Nathan, built a nice hen house and with a few more things to finish, winter hit and so the chickens were put on hold until spring.  Well, it's officially spring and so Chuck bought some chickens that are ready to lay eggs instead of baby chicks.  More like "instant gratification."  So far, only two are laying.  One is the little banty that you see in the far left corner and one of the big girls. Chuck remembers having a banty rooster in our younger years and enjoying it, so ordered the banty chicken.  It's so cute, but the bigger chickens are not too nice to it.  I think she needs a "kindred spirit," so another will be here, soon.  So, far, having city chickens is working out, I love looking out the back door and seeing them with their funny walk, forever searching for whatever chickens are searching for.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Work Rewarded

After about 8 weeks of work, which included putting hardwood in the dining room, hallway and a small entry into the master bedroom, plus the stairs leading down into the basement, repainting all the woodwork,  installing new baseboards, some canned lighting.  I can finally say we're about done.  One of my posts I had remarked how one thing leads to another, well it sure did as we ended up getting new carpet in the living room and master bedroom to finish it off.   The carpet was on the "later list," but decided to just do it, and I'm so glad we did as the old carpet was 12 years old and getting to the worn look stage.  It gives the house a new, fresh look.  We're going to take a small break, get the garden started, wait for warmer weather and then start the main bathroom.  With the house being 31 years old, now, there's always a project!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 31st Birthday, Christy

Reflecting back on Christy's childhood, I first remember the beautiful baby girl who liked to sleep and smile and the only baby out of eleven to have a full head of hair at birth.  She liked to sleep so much that I would wake her to make her play with me. Such an easy-going baby that turned into the happy, friendly young girl.  She loved to talk to people and make friends and I would often hear her trying to befriend a stranger.  As she grew she liked to babysit and was kept quite busy by the families who hired her. She became very good with money and even had her own checkbook at the ripe age of eleven!  Then, she became the independent teenager who was strong in her beliefs, influencing friends for the better, leading them on the "right path." Funny, she is still the same.  Now, she is the woman who likes to make friends, befriend and help strangers, instead of babysitting she is mothering her five children which leads to having to be great with money!
Christy,  You are amazing!!  I love you,

Recovering Chair Pads

We're still working on the dining room redo, which included going from carpet to hardwood, painting the walls green which were a burgundy color, window coverings, wall decor and now, recovering the old chair pads.  I bought some drapery material for $10.00 on a clearance table and set the old pad on top of the material and just used it as a pattern.  I had a tablecloth in an off white color that I used for the backing and pinned in place all around and stitched by hand.  I then made the ties and covered the buttons with a kit I bought at the fabric store.  The kit made covering buttons easy and I got Julie involved making most of them.  The cost for making my own pads was a little over $4.00 apiece, the most expense was the button kit which was $2.49 for 4 buttons which I had bought on Saturday. The next day  a 40% off coupon was in my Sunday paper. I hate it when that happens!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday, Marc

I love this picture of Marc I found on his facebook.  He looks like he just played a joke on someone and is smiling as he watches their reaction.  Yes, he loves a good joke and has a great sense of humor.  I would recommend to never leave your facebook page open and leave the room with Marc around.
As a child he could be quite challenging as you never knew what he would say.  Yet, he looked like a little angel with his blond curly hair and sweet face.  I distinctly remember a neighbor coming to our front door and Marc answering and telling him he was fat just as I came up behind him.  What does one say to that?  Another time my parents were here on a visit from another state and he greeted them with, "Do you want grass in your face?"  Also, when he would get in trouble he would tell you he didn't care.  Like I said, challenging, yet I am quite proud of the man he has turned out to be.  God does answer prayer!
Marc is a kind, considerate son.  Fun, loving brother, a good friend, and compassionate to those in need. We sure love him and so blessed he is our son.
Happy 23rd birthday, Marc.
Love, Mom

Monday, March 8, 2010

Time With Dad

I was blessed with the opportunity to see my dad, recently.  He lives over 1,000 miles away, so it's been quite awhile.  I was dismayed at his mental condition, how  much his dementia has worsened.  It wasn't as apparent during our telephone conversations as seeing him in person.  He was confused and emotionless at seeing my daughter and I.  It was a hard time for me as I kept thinking about the "old dad," the one who would have greeted me with a big bear hug and a warm greeting.  For days after, the tears flowed, but I've had to comfort myself with thoughts of, he seems happy in his "world," he's not in pain and has his routines, is well fed, has a warm bed to sleep in.  Staying as positive as I can and sometimes, when I can handle it, remembering the good times when he was whole. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Before and After

On Saturday, we stopped by a thrift store on a hunt for some simple bar stools.  We found them, along with this ugly chair.  We had been looking for a computer chair for our new desk top computer.  It needed to be a short one and comfortable.  I spotted this and tried it out, found it to be very comfortable despite it's ugliness.  It was a little taller than we wanted, but knew it could be cut down to size.  That night, Chuck took it apart, so I could cover the chair pad and back rest with some material I had already purchased on a bargain table for under $5.00.  The next day, he cut two inches off the legs, then sanded the wood parts finding it to be a beautiful walnut. He then stained and put a protective coating on the rest of it. After it dried we put it back together and are very pleased with the results.  It was a fast, fairly easy project and very rewarding.  Also, the first time I'd ever recovered a piece of furniture.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anytime Fun

I know it's a little early for Easter eggs, but I've been known to get out the dye anytime of the year and let the grandkids color eggs.  It's fun, not too messy.  They sure enjoy it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Young Mom's Poem

It's my youngest grandson's first birthday, today.  I found this poem years ago, when I was a young mom, and have kept it in my files as it is so sweet.  Thought I'd share it with you other mothers, especially to you, Jessica, as this is Joshua's day.

It's quiet now,
the cyclone passed,
destruction in its wake.
The room is filled with limp balloons
and smeared with chocolate cake.
As I survey the damage,
I feel strangely close to tears.
An eras....passed.
A door has closed.
I can't slow down the years.
I watch them now,
my giggling brood,
so earnestly at play.
And stoop to brush
the crumbs aside,
The baby's one, today!