Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Work Rewarded

After about 8 weeks of work, which included putting hardwood in the dining room, hallway and a small entry into the master bedroom, plus the stairs leading down into the basement, repainting all the woodwork,  installing new baseboards, some canned lighting.  I can finally say we're about done.  One of my posts I had remarked how one thing leads to another, well it sure did as we ended up getting new carpet in the living room and master bedroom to finish it off.   The carpet was on the "later list," but decided to just do it, and I'm so glad we did as the old carpet was 12 years old and getting to the worn look stage.  It gives the house a new, fresh look.  We're going to take a small break, get the garden started, wait for warmer weather and then start the main bathroom.  With the house being 31 years old, now, there's always a project!!

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mommyx12 said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love the large living area. So perfect for a big family. I've never seen such a long hallway except for in a hotel!!