Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 31st Birthday, Christy

Reflecting back on Christy's childhood, I first remember the beautiful baby girl who liked to sleep and smile and the only baby out of eleven to have a full head of hair at birth.  She liked to sleep so much that I would wake her to make her play with me. Such an easy-going baby that turned into the happy, friendly young girl.  She loved to talk to people and make friends and I would often hear her trying to befriend a stranger.  As she grew she liked to babysit and was kept quite busy by the families who hired her. She became very good with money and even had her own checkbook at the ripe age of eleven!  Then, she became the independent teenager who was strong in her beliefs, influencing friends for the better, leading them on the "right path." Funny, she is still the same.  Now, she is the woman who likes to make friends, befriend and help strangers, instead of babysitting she is mothering her five children which leads to having to be great with money!
Christy,  You are amazing!!  I love you,


mommyx12 said...

Happy Birthday Christy. You know I think we have a few children who share the same name. My Christie is 19!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Sweet post. Happy Birthday to Christy!!! She has a heart of gold for sure and would give anyone anything.