Sunday, March 28, 2010

City Chickens

Last fall, after watching the movie, "Food, Inc." we decided to get some chickens so that we could have organic, free range eggs every morning.  Chuck and our oldest son, Nathan, built a nice hen house and with a few more things to finish, winter hit and so the chickens were put on hold until spring.  Well, it's officially spring and so Chuck bought some chickens that are ready to lay eggs instead of baby chicks.  More like "instant gratification."  So far, only two are laying.  One is the little banty that you see in the far left corner and one of the big girls. Chuck remembers having a banty rooster in our younger years and enjoying it, so ordered the banty chicken.  It's so cute, but the bigger chickens are not too nice to it.  I think she needs a "kindred spirit," so another will be here, soon.  So, far, having city chickens is working out, I love looking out the back door and seeing them with their funny walk, forever searching for whatever chickens are searching for.


Julie said...

We have two hens. There is something really awesome about walking right out your backdoor and getting the eggs! We'd love to get more! Isn't it wonderful???

Aunt Spicy said...

That is so cool! Eggs, when ever you need them! What's next, a cow? So fun!