Thursday, November 26, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Since it's Thanksgiving I counted my blessings and they were so numerous, but at the top
are this couple, my mom and step-dad, Lois and Larry.

Larry is my mom's soul mate, a perfect match. He has been a wonderful and caring husband to her for 40 years, now. When he married my mom he took on 3 kids and all the joys and troubles that come with the job of "step-dad." Poor guy, I'm sure there were many moments of him thinking, "Why me God?" We were not the easiest of children to parent, but he pressed on and I knew I was loved. Describing him is to say he's one of the nicest men I know, always ready to help someone and who is called upon, alot, by many people at their worst moments. I know as I've had those moments like mice, fire, floods, etc. and he was there!! I'll always be thankful that he was there for our big move, 21 years, ago. He traveled 1,000 miles with us, driving one of the vehicles and after arriving at our new home, helping us get it ready to live in. It sure was hard to say goodbye to him at the airport.

My mom is like him, she is always willing to help whoever needs her, family, neighbors, friends, strangers. I have appreciated all the help she has given me over the years, especially when I would have my babies. I kept her pretty busy with the birth of 11 children. But, she always came and fed us and cleaned my house and took care of my kids. If I was sick she would drive 60 miles to come and help as we lived in different cities at that time.

In describing her I would say she is a very "fun loving person" with a positive attitude. I know she will laugh if I share something I think is funny as we have that same sense of humor. I think my mom wakes up every morning with the thought of "what fun can I have today?" She also has the knack of getting herself in the oddest predicaments because of her giving nature and then we laugh about them.

Every seven years my mom's birthday falls on Thanksgiving and today is one of them. Happy 74th birthday, Mom. I love you.

"God gave us memories so we could have roses in winter and Mothers forever."

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Chad and Jessica's Family said...

That is so sweet. Cute pictures. You described them perfectly. How fun. Sounds like a good day.