Sunday, November 1, 2009

Small Bathroom Project

Seems like we're always working on a home improvement project. We've lived in our current home for almost 21 years, now, and I don't think we'll ever be done! But, I enjoy the planning and doing, love making my home a place my family likes to be.

This is a recent "low budget" one, the boy's bathroom.

The room had been painted not too long ago, so my focus was on replacing the mirror, which was too small, choosing "something" for under the mirror, new curtains, and wall decor. Also, new rug and towels.
I went to TJ Maxx and found the mirror for $80. A good price considering the size and decorative frame. On to Home Depot where I found the stone tile that I'm so happy with as it really enhances the mirror and is such a focal point of the wall. Chuck took maybe an hour to put it up on the wall and then the next day he grouted it taking another hour. About another $80.
The valance is actually two valances. I put the blue valance up first on a rod and then I cheated with the brown valance by just draping it over the blue and then pinning it in place. I didn't feel like sewing it and you'd never know! I had a gift card for $25 and I had to add another $5.
Wall decor was inexpensive as I found a wooden box at a yard sale, and a trivet, costing under $5 for both. Chuck painted the box brown along with a little shelf I already had with some spray paint, a wonderful invention. Fast and easy and it dries quickly.
I chose a brown rug and towel after trying other colors, I don't remember now what I payed for them, but the whole project was about $200.

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