Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Letter To Kevin

Dear Kevin,

Today, is the one year anniversary of your accident.  As I reflect back to that traumatic day, I recall all the emotions and tears that all the family and friends were feeling.  It was so hard to see you just laying there with no response for over two weeks.  You had so many people praying for you and showing love and support to the family that it just had to have a good ending.  You have come so far this year in your progress.  You're back at school, have a job, even a girlfriend!  But, best of all is your desire to grow in the Lord and your love for Him.  I see such a change, a wonderful change. When I think of you I have such a joyful feeling and I just have to say a quick thank-you prayer. 
Today is a day to reflect and be thankful and then to have faith in the good future that God has planned for you.  It's a great one, Kevin.
Aunt Kathy


mommyx12 said...

Wonderful post. That must have been extremely difficult for your family.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

I remember walking in the room and seeing him almost lifeless.....God is good. He is a different boy and it is so neat what the Lord has done. Have fun at the dinner tomorrow thanking God for Kevin's life.


Aunt Spicy said...

Ohhhh, my heart goes out to your family and Kevin, but what a great blessing that he is bouncing back! Congrats!