Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday, Alex

On a cold winter day, fifteen years ago, our youngest child was born, our seventh son and eleventh child.  He was brought home in a snow storm on slippery roads and a prayer on our lips.  He was welcomed, adored and quickly spoiled. With ten older siblings there was always someone to hold him and to get attention from.
 Alex was a happy child, but with a serious nature.  He was the only sibling to win the "don't smile" contest his dad would play with them. Chuck would say, "I'll give you a dollar if you don't smile."  The brothers and sisters couldn't do it and would break into smiles no matter how hard they tried, but not Alex!
His favorite toys as a small child and to this day are anything electronic.  He learned to love the computer at the age of three or four and amused us with his new "computer language."  "Don't touch the computer, I'm downloading."  We barely knew at that point, as computers were so new to us, what downloading was.  He would go from the computer to the nintendo and on to videos and I would have to remind him to go outside and play.
Alex has homeschooled all of his school years except for the year he went to public school when he was eleven.  He learned from that year that homeschooling gives him the freedom to learn at his own pace and choices in books and subjects.  He is doing well and if we have a question we need answered, he  usually has the answer.
He keeps busy in church activities and is on the dance team and helps teach the younger children.  I often see him reading his Bible and know he has the desire to do what's right.
Alex has started driver's training this month.  I know he'll learn quickly and will be a concientious driver.  But, I just got through his sister learning and am still recovering.  Bright side is he's the last one!!
Alex,  Dad and I are very proud of you and know you'll make good decisions as you grow. 
Love, Mom


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!!


Aunt Spicy said...

What a great tribute! Happy Birthday!