Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year And An Anniversary

Happy New Year to all.  There is something about the first day of a new year.  It's a fresh start with new ideas and plans.  With myself, I start thinking of home projects to accomplish, dejunking and getting things in order.  Every year after Christmas, Chuck takes the week off through New Years and so this past week he painted the downstairs ceiling and also the kitchen cupboards.  We shopped and found some tile on sale for our spring project of redoing the main bathroom.  Our plan is to take out the old tub since it's 30 years old,  then tiling around it and the floor.  Chuck is so handy that he is planning on doing it with the offered help of #2 son, David.
I got alot of cupboards cleaned out with our week off.  I tackled the grandkids's toy cupboards and got them organized, getting rid of unneeded items.  Along with a nice coat of paint, the kitchen cupboards were organized, too.  I even tackled the junk drawer!
Our daughter, Christy, is planning on moving, so she returned my hutch I had given her.  I didn't realize how I had missed the extra room it gave me as it holds so many of my fancier dishes that aren't used everyday freeing up alot of cupboard space.  So, I got that done, too.  I am a homemaker at heart and enjoy making my house a home, so it feels so good accomplishing these jobs.
Also, today, is our 21st year here in Boise.  The years have flown since our big move from Southern California, arriving here with 7 children and 1 on the way, no job, but alot of faith.  God has been so good to us and provided so richly.  He led us here and gave us the grace and faith we needed to start over.  Our children have prospered and been blessed. So, I reflect every year on this day and thank the Lord for his guidance.


mommyx12 said...

Sounds like a productive week. My hubby has been out of town since the 27th and won't be home until late Monday night so we haven't been doing anything with the house. lol Only what I have to to keep up!! Back to the grindstone Tuesday morning tho when the 'boss' returns!!!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

it is so nice accomplishing so much in one week. Glad Chuck was home with you, that is a blessing. Chad has been home too. I don't want him to ever go!! Enjoy your day.