Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Pays To Coupon

I'm trying to coupon every week, now.  Every Sunday we receive 4 newspapers so that I can get 4x more coupon inserts.  I take them out and then file them into a binder after writing the date on the front of each insert.  With this organization, it has helped me immensely. Before, I couldn't seem to manage to use them once I had cut them out. They would end up in a drawer and I would forget about them until later and then they would all be expired. I finally got inspired to try again by my daughters when they would tell me of their great deals.  Christy gave me the binder and got me organized.
So, last night I went over to her house and we made out our list and figured out each transaction, getting organized before shopping, writing it all down and separating our coupons using a plastic baseball card organizer.  We were able to get doublers which is an even greater savings as it doubles the coupon value. It takes time to plan each transaction as each one needed to add up to at least $20.00 to get a better deal. You buy the transactions separately, paying after each one.  I'm still learning and get so tired and stressed by the time I'm done. Christy laughs at me as she is so easy going and she breezes on through.  I'm a poodle in the dog world and she's the basset hound!  But, I'm happy with the savings and it's worth the time and effort. Soon I'll be an old pro at it and breeze on through.  Here's a picture of all my loot.  I spent $76.98 and I got 27 (14 oz.) boxes of Cherrios, 4 packages of butter, 20 cans of Progresso Soup, 9 packages of frozen vegetables, 12 jars of Skippy Peanut Butter (15 oz.), and 4 packages of 6 double rolls of toilet paper!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

good for you, I have NO desire to do that. TOo much brain work. That is great for you though. Good deal!

mommyx12 said...

Look at that. I'm impressed. I HAVE to do this. Absolutely a must.

Candace@craftysisters-nc said...

Way to coupon! I was really into couponing this past spring and summer and got a little burnt out. I did save a ton of money.

Thanks for the award, we sure do appreciate you!