Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Carl

We were blessed with our 9th child, 19 years ago, today. I think God thought I was getting tired and needed a rest so he gave me Carl to mother and enjoy.  He fit right in with our busy family and went with the flow. Being the sixth boy and the third one in a row he had lots of brothers to toughen him up, but it just seemed to make him  easier going.  As a defense though, he became quite the tease and is one to this day.  As a little guy he would tease the siblings and his eyes would dance with delight.
  As is usual with boys, Carl loves food and a funny memory I have of him is his love of Taco Bell at two or three.  We would have to divert his attention while driving by Taco Bell otherwise he would put up a fuss to stop there and eat.
When he got to school age he was homeschooled and was very independent and enjoyed working on his own. He had and still does, a love of reading and enjoying many different series of books.  Another love is music and he is talented on the keyboard and guitar.  He, with his brother, Joe, are in a band and enjoy playing at church and concerts.
His plan is to be an electrician and start working toward that goal in the spring.  God's richest blessings on you, Carl.
Love, Mom