Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Big Family Birthday Party

My husband, Chuck, turned 56, yesterday, and he was blessed with all his children and grandchildren celebrating it with him, along with his mom, sister and in-laws.  When you get that many together, there were 37 of us, 19 of them children, you have quite a party.  We had mexican food, enchiladas, spanish rice, refried beans, salad and lots of desserts.  I had planned on good weather, the day before was actually a warm day, but wouldn't you know it, the sky turned dark and cloudy, wind came up and then came the rain!  A jump house was planned for the kids for outside play, so of course with rain that didn't happen.  So, 19 children had to find fun in the house.  Which they did with my dress up box, cupboard of toys and our open hall way that they turned into a running game going from the living room into the hallway and back again in a circle, laughing and having the best time.  I enjoyed watching them and all the fun they were having.  Our sons kept us laughing with their antics and conversations, they are quite the witty ones.  We ladies watched over the children, served the food,  and enjoyed each others company.  Having a large family is such a blessing and as I sat there and watched them all, I felt very rich, indeed!  


mommyx12 said...

Yes, it is a blessing. Especially you are blessed to have them all near you. My dream is having all my children even in the same state!! Let alone so close as to have such a wonderful gathering. It sounds like the kids had a fabulous time. And again, just them having each other was probably fun in itself.

Now if I can just get our oldest son and daughter in the same location as the rest of us!

Missy said...

What wonderful pictures of your family, yes indeed you have been blessed! Missy