Sunday, October 11, 2009

October Garden Update

The garden has wound down to a stop. Today, I picked the last of the tomatoes, alot of them were still green. Last year I wrapped them individually in tissue and they ripened nicely. So, I will be doing the same with these. I sliced the red ones and put them in the dehydrator to dry over night. I will use them this winter for my stews and soups. So convenient.

I also picked the rest of the peppers and the few onions that were left. I cut up the peppers and froze them for omelettes and set the onions in the sun to dry out for a few days. Also went out to the herb garden and cut basil, mint and oregano. I froze the mint leaves in water in ice cube trays for winter tea. I have discovered hot mint tea with stevia, so good on a cold night. Did the same thing with the oregano, but with the basil I used my food saver and sealed in bags and refrigerated. I need to do some researching and find out how long it will last this way. I'm new to growing my own herbs and still have alot to learn.

Chuck turned the compost pile for the last time before winter and rototilled the garden beds. I had the boys clean out the garden beds and it was put into the compost. I'm still in awe how plant matter is recycled back into rich soil. All year I've added our fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. and I'm amazed how much waste goes into the compost bin instead of the trash can!

I've enjoyed my gardening season, but am ready for a winter's rest. Like all she bears, I'm tired and need to hibernate.

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Aunt Spicy said...

What a great harvest to carry you through your hibernation :-)