Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Yard Sale Finds

I just love decorating with my yard sale finds. It's amazing what I find for such a small price. Found this picture at a yard sale and loved the colors and flowers in it. I thought the frame was very pretty, also. I decided it would look good on one of my dining room walls. I chose one of the colors that were in the picture and then matched it to a paint color. This was last years find so it's hard to remember exactly what I paid, but it was under $10.00 because I'm cheap. This lamp was a recent find, I payed $7.00 for the base as it didn't come with the shade. I like the shape and bronzed color, and it's a good reading lamp.

The wall decor on the burgundy wall was one I found a few weeks ago. It was $7.00 and gives this wall so much character. At first my husband thought it was ugly, but once we got it up on the wall he likes it.


Tricia said...

Wow. You have a really good eye for stuff like this. I've not been to a good yard sale for a long time. Maybe next spring.

Aunt Spicy said...

Serious? Under $10? Wow! I completely love the flowers but that frame is a steal for that price! You have to love a good bargin!