Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Last night, our 24 year old daughter, Katey, told us she will be moving out next week. She will be moving in with one of our married sons and his wife and family of three little girls. They are housing a student from out of state and thought it would be nice for Katey to be her roommate and she agreed.

Katey is a joy to have around with her easy going, peaceful ways. We've been blessed having her home this long as most of her siblings left at a much earlier age. Every time it's a new adjustment for me. Each one leaves an empty spot that not another can fill. Julie is not too happy as she now will be the only girl amongst the brothers.

On a lighter note, when 18 year old, Carl, found out he got a big smile on his face and said, "Yes!" He's been eyeing that room for quite awhile now. Being child #9 he has never had his own space and is already talking about buying a mini refrig and a new bed, he's got big plans.

I found this poem that I can relate to at this moment.

A Mother's Mixed Emotions

How does a Mother let go

Of the children that she's borne

How does she let them know

That her heart can be so torn

To keep them by her side

Would not be just or fair

And let them have a free ride

Would mean she doesn't care

She knows she taught them well

And that they know right from wrong

Now....only time will tell

If they can be as strong

But watching them go through the door

Makes her feelings sway

She must cover the tears....and more

And pray for them each day.

Melissa Simpson


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

sweet poem..... well at least you know katey is in a good home :)


Tricia said...

Isn't that the way it is? The younger children moving in with the olders. Last winter our Robyn stayed at our married daughter Juli's during break from college but this next 6 months we got lucky and she is here at home with us. I find it funny the way they have their eye on the bedroom of the older child. Before Juli got married she went off to school and no kidding her room was taken before she boarded the plane.

Cinnamon said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog~ I don't know why this has gripped my soul so suddenly but it has. Thank you for understanding ~