Saturday, August 8, 2009

Morning Coffee

When I smell the aroma of coffee brewing it brings back the memories of the comfort and coziness of my grandmother's kitchen. I started drinking coffee in Grandma's kitchen when I was just a girl. I would spend the night, sleeping between her ironed sheets and when I would wake up she would be sitting at her kitchen table, reading her morning paper drinking from her vintage 50's mug. She would make me a cup of her fresh brew, later I learned it was more milk than coffee, lots of sugar and I would feel so grown up. Coffee became a comfort to me as I enjoyed those times and would think of Grandma and our time together.

In my early marriage years it would be Grandma, my aunt and mom who would be sitting around the table with me early morning having our morning coffee, laughing and sharing some time together. I had moved 90 miles away and so when we got together they would usually spend the night or weekend. I look fondly back on those times.

Another move, 1000 miles this time, and I'm still blessed to have morning coffee at times with my mom. Grandma and my Auntie Cele are both with Jesus, now.

My coffee has gotten fancier. A couple of years ago, Chuck bought me a Starbuck's Barista coffee maker and it has saved me alot of money as I have made many a cup for family and friends and no need to run to Starbucks. I even bought paper cups with the lids so I feel like I've been to the coffee shop. My favorite is a mocha with a little mint.

When it's just me, I like to go out on my front deck to enjoy the view and quiet of the morning, still a time of comfort, also a time to reflect and pray.

Here's to you, Grandma!


shail2chouhan said...

really an interesting blog...

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

kathy- sweet post. I am glad you have such good memories. I am sure your mom does too. THat is funny about the cream and sugar being in most of it..... that would not fly now :) Oh we did not forget you guys at all. If you look in my picture to the top left... it says Argons, singles.... that is you guys... the singles are for all the unmarried at home. We would never forget JulieAlex gma, infact on the back of the stick it says Julie Alex gma...... so wanted you to know. We are excited to come sunday.......