Saturday, August 1, 2009

Missing You

One day

When all the smoke

Has cleared away

And gone are the tears

Of anguished dismay

I shall see you

In a brand new way

And we will start anew

Dedicated to my dad who suffers with dementia.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Kathy- This was sweet. I know things have been very hard for you reguarding him. You are right though, he knows the Lord and you will see him in a new way someday..... a clean, righteous man before God and all the tears shall be wiped away and your relationship with him will be new and great.

Tricia said...

This must be very hard. But I echo every word Jessica wrote. Peace and blessings.

I found my zucchini recipe online. Isn't it cool about the peaches? I can't believe what a breeze it was to do that. I've already used 3 gallon bags of them. I'm trying to hoard the rest so they can have them in winter when fresh produce is hard to come by.

William said...

Hi Sis, That was very sweet. Krista and I went to see Dad Sunday. He is doing well, although He is having trouble with His remote for the TV, too many buttons for Him to remember. I going to see if I can get rid of the cable box and go direct to the TV and see if that would help. I Love You and All of My Family, this blog page helps to keep track of them all. I think you surpassed the King Family. Send My Love, William