Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Happy 28th Birthday, David!"

Well, this she bear produced a lion cub 28 years ago. I know bears don't usually have lion cubs, but this time it happened. The traits of a lion are that they are strong-willed, decisive, productive, leader, enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic, assertive and these all describe David to a tee. This lion cub had me running from the time he could get around on his own. One time my sewing scissors were found on the roof, and he let an expensive bird we owned out of his cage never to be seen, again! If left out in the back yard he would escape and I would often be seen running frantically to find him. He learned to ride a two wheel bike at three and would do tricks on it like the "speedway racers," he would say. It didn't take long for his bike seat to look thrashed. One time he had a loose tooth and tried to hit it out with his dad's hammer. Bee stings didn't stop him, he would just pull out the stinger and run. David was our first child to break a bone, his arm, jumping off a large boulder in our back yard. And later at 17, he shot a large nail stapler through his wrist resulting in surgery.

But, this same boy at 17 met his wife, had a home built, and had to wait a week till he was 18 to sign papers to buy the home. He is now a loving husband to Jessica, dedicated father to Olivia, Emily and Elsie, caring brother and son. His job title is pastor and teacher to a church here in the Treasure Valley and his love for the Lord and others is apparent to all.

So, when you produce a lion cub, pray for strength, keep your shoes on (you'll be running alot) and trust that the Lord will raise up a lion for Himself! Most of all, love that cub!!! I love you, David. Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Very sweet Kathy. Happy Birthday David!!!!

Tricia said...

So you have 2 Jessica daughter in laws? How fun is that. And don't these children sometimes make our hair go gray way too early. Especially those boys. I've been lucky so far in that my 3 boys have been quite calm. My mother in law is exactly opposite of me having 3 girls and 9 boys and I get all kinds of scary stories. Happy Birthday to your love.