Monday, July 6, 2009

My Stress Reliever

For our anniversary a few years back, Chuck surprised me with a tandem bike. We had stayed at a hotel that had one and enjoyed it, so he bought us one. We have had so much fun on our bike. We usually take it on the green belt and ride for a couple of hours. It is relaxing and stress relieving to me as I ride down by the river and enjoy the beauty of nature and plus exercise is good for the mind and the body. I have been teased that Chuck probably does all the work as I'm on the back, but riding a tandem bike takes both people syncronizing together to really have a good ride, not leaving the one up front tired out. It's something we can do together and makes a great date!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

So sweet and fun Kathy!!! I remember when you first got this bike and we made so much fun of you!!! :) I am glad you enjoy it. We thought it wouldnt last( you and the bike)


Tricia said...

I want one of these. But alas, we haven't been able to put one in the budget!! Someday. Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun on it.