Monday, July 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning in the Summer

I've been looking around my house and it's like I have a "get rid of it" virus. I'm on a roll to get rid of unnecessary stuff. I like this one website called Flylady and she helps women to do just that. I listen to her podcasts and she has what's called a "27 fling boogie." You pick 27 things a day to declutter and that way you are not overwhelmed and eventually, depending on how much clutter you have, the job gets done.

Chuck and I tackled two of the downstairs closets and decided that one of them will be our extra pantry. We worked and worked and it feels so good to have that extra room. The unnecessary's have already been taken to a charity organization so that next step has been accomplished.

Cleaned out one of the kitchen cupboards as I have so many extra dishes that I don't need. Why does one need eight or more mixing bowls?

More than two or three pie plates, especially when I don't make pie?

Tonight it was the laundry room, got started and then discovered the washer had a leak. Chuck and our sons removed the washer and tomorrow we will have to go buy another one as this one is too old to repair. So, now I have laundry room items sitting on the table in the dining room and the door to the laundry room is sitting in the hall way. We've pretty much decided we need to replace the flooring in there, too. So, now I am feeling overwhelmed. The "27 fling boogie" was working well until the washer issue.

I'll get back on track and keep on "flinging!"

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Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Dont you know when you start one project it leads to 20 more??? Great to get rid of things. Feels good. Your home is so spotless already so I am sure you dont have to much clutter to tackle!