Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bathroom Remodel Pictures

After four weeks we finally finished the bathroom remodel.  It started with removing the old fiberglass tub enclosure which my husband did with mostly a hammer!  He wanted to be careful not to cut into any plumbing otherwise he would have used a power saw.  It took an evening and he was able to get it to come out in manageable pieces filling up a trash bin in time for the next day's pickup.  Next step was putting in the new tub which was a tight squeeze and resulted in the door jam having to be removed and one of the walls being damaged.  Not in the plan, but I've learned with household projects the unexpected will happen. So, another unexpected was the plumbing didn't line up with the new tub and so we had to wait several days for the plumber.
With the old tub being a fiberglass enclosure and the new tub being a standard tub meant that the walls would have to be covered in cement wallboard for the tile.  Another wait was for our son to have time to fix the door jam, which he did beautifully.  Then we tiled the tub area and the floor and put in a copper penny colored glass tile border around the tub and on the floor.  I picked out an orange color for the walls and copper switch plates that match so nicely.  Last step was to find a shower curtain, window covering and some pretty towels.  I found the best deal on the shower curtain at Burlington Coat Factory for only $10.00, so I bought two of them and then did a "no sew" by just cutting one of the shower curtains down to make a valance for the window and used that great invention, iron on tape.  So easy and didn't have to get out the sewing machine!  I love my new bathroom, it was worth all the work.


mommyx12 said...

This looks really nice. You guys did a fabulous job. That tile floor is perfect for the amount of traffic that will go through it in years to come. Which is a lot!!

We too do passages from scripture quite often but they do have a memory verse they copy each day of the week to memorize.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

looks great Kathy