Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden Update and Great Finds

My last post I talked about the unexpected change in weather with snow and how I was worried it would kill my vegetable plants.  I am happy to say that all is well except for some of the basil leaves are blackened, but not all the leaves, so I think they will recover.  Whew,  what a relief to find all okay and now on their way to abundance in harvest time.
On Saturday, before the snow arrived, we went to quite a few yard sales.  I was happy to find some clothes for me, this time, and only $5.00 for the lot. They included, one pair of board shorts, one pair of black capris, one pair of jeans, one sweater, a tank top that will go under summer shirts, and 2 shirts.  Several of them are my favorite brands.  Good deal!!
Later, that day, 3 of my daughters came to visit with one of the husbands and 7 grandkids.  We were getting caught up on Katey's trip to Romania, she is safely home and had a great time.  She was telling us about the church work they did and the tours of the beautiful buildings and the people.  She and her brother, David, were glad to come home after 10 days.  It was touching to see David's girls greet him at the airport with tears.  They sure missed their Daddy.  I'm glad to have my kids back home on United States soil.

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Tiffanee said...

Wow! You did well on the clothes. I love yard sales. Sounds like a great weekend. Glad to hear the plants survived!!