Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy 40th Lynette

Today, my youngest sibling and only sister is forty!!

She was born when I was fifteen and she became my guinea pig getting me ready for motherhood four short years later. I changed many of her diapers, became one of the few who could get her to eat her Gerber strained baby food, and endured her getting into my makeup. I was so proud of her that I took her to my high school childhood development class to show her off. I can still see her with her blond hair and little red poncho being cute for my classmates. I even took her on some of my dates with my then boyfriend, Chuck, who is now my husband. This was before carseats were mandatory, we would put her in the back of Chuck's corvette and off we would go.

After I married she would come and stay with us and at the age of four became an aunt to our newborn, Amy. She enjoyed playing with my kids and seemed more like my own child than a sister. It wasn't until she married and began having her own family that we became adult sisters on common ground.

I've been very happy that she is living close by and that I get to enjoy being a part of her life, the phone conversations, meeting for lunch, getting together to talk.

She is now the wonderful mother of four great kids, Kevin, Kelly, Krystin and Cortney and a loving supportive wife to her husband, Wade.

Lynette, I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with you. I see His hand on your life, especially this past year and how he has brought you through. I'm so proud of you and how you handled the emotional upheavel and so immensely grateful that Kevin is here with us and doing so well. What a story, huh?

Have a memorable birthday, 40 is a big one!!

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