Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More on Dehydrating

Chuck and I spent the day together on Monday doing business and then went looking for good prices on fruit. We went out to the farm areas and found some fruit orchards. We spent about $25.00 on all this fruit you see in my pictures. The large box of plums were only $4.00, The larger box of peaches were $5.00, and the smaller box was $4.00. The biggest expense was the gala apples at $12.00 a box.

Took it all home and have spent the last two days processing it. The small box of peaches I froze for smoothies, the apples I've been dehydrating, along with the other larger box of peaches. It is almost done and then I'll start dehydrating the plums.

This summer I found this apple tool that cores, peels and makes the apple into rings and then all I have to do is spray them with lemon juice and place on the dehydrator racks. I found it yard sailing for only $2.00. It was on my list of items I wanted to find, in fact my daughter, Christy, found another one for me, too, so now I have two of them. She also paid $2.00. Now I can get one of the kids to help me and get the job done faster.

We are enjoying the dried fruit and it's so good in oatmeal and snacking. I'm so glad I found the website Her videos have helped me learn how to dehydrate and are so worth watching. You can take advantage of fruit in it's season and the prices at the orchards.

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