Sunday, September 13, 2009

My New Chair

I've had a fun summer going to yard sales. I'll be posting some pictures of my finds, soon. This past Saturday I was on a hunt for a new chair for the master bedroom. Several years ago, we bought a chair for this same room at a local furniture store and payed $300 for it. I decided to give it to son, Carl, for his new room and find another for me.
I wanted something with more color and character and not so bulky as the other one. This time I wanted it to cost very little. I was very pleased to find one in the colors of my room that matched perfectly and for only $30 this time, ten times cheaper than the first one. The woman who sold it to us said that her mother loved this chair, but never sat in it, so it was almost new. It is very comfortable, too.
This coming Saturday I will be looking for a small floor lamp to go behind it and maybe a small footstool. I love the hunt!

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Tricia said...

I love those finds. Especially when the price is perfect.