Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bravery is coloring your own hair

I've been coloring my hair for years, now. I recently decided to look into a natural alternative to the chemical dyes. After much research I got brave and ordered henna from an online source. Henna is made from the leaves of the henna bush. It is used to dye the hair or as body art. It gives a reddish color and if you add other plant powders you can get different colors. Best of all, it's so good for your hair.

I ordered body art henna which is the best quality and also the plant powder, indigo. The indigo is used to dye blue jeans and when added to the henna powder it can dye the hair more of a brunette color, toning down the red I would get if only using henna on my brown hair.

I spent lots of time testing it out on hair I had saved from a recent good trim. I was worried I would end up regretting the color and having to live with it as it is permanent. I found the hair samples to be wise as on one of them I added to much indigo and it turned almost black and that would have been way too dark for my coloring.

I finally came up with a formula that I'm so happy with. I ordered and researched on a site called hennaforhair. Now I am a content "somewhat redhead!"


Jessica said...

Finally it will let me post a comment. I am so happy you started your blog and that I get to be the first commenter!! Your hair turned out so good. I will remember that when I grey someday. That was sweet post about Chuck- I did not know he started off working for Grandpa- He is a good example.

christy said...

Hi mom,

I like your blog...I asked about potatoes for you yesterday to my father in law...he said to leave the plants alone and he waters potatoes for 12 hours once every six days...said to make sure the ground stays wet...hope they are a success...Christy

Argon Family said...

Mother I like your blog as well. It will be fun to read all your stuff. I like the verse on the front. Your Favorite Son, David