Monday, June 8, 2009

Time for Yard Sales

It's spring and time for yard sales. I've been a fan of yard sales for 17 years, now, and have gotten great bargains over the years. It's also a fun time to spend with my" 70 something" parents. We start very early and roam around seeking them out and then at some point stop for coffee and enjoy the time together. During my homeschooling days I would find books and curriculum that would have cost a bundle. I've also done alot of decorating with items I have found.

Here's some pics of some of the items I have found so far this season. I usually pay $1.00 or less for clothing, you can see I love pink! The chest I just had to have and it looks so nice at the bottom landing of the stairs. Also, not pictured that I found on Saturday, a KitchenAid mixer for $20.00. I've already used it to make pizza dough. I'll be posting my finds every week. I always feel like I'm hunting, minus the blood!!

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