Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Isaac, Gracie, Sunny and Chad. We have birthdays every month, but October. Last weekend, we went on a 3 hour train ride to celebrate Isaac's birthday. It was a nice afternoon with Amy, Nels, Chloe and Isaac. Isaac loved the train ride and sat and watched the scenery the entire time. Isaac is now three! Last night we had Chad, Jessica, Gracie, Steven, Caleb and Joshua over for dinner to celebrate Gracie's birthday. Chad climbed our cherry tree and picked cherries to take home, the kids loved eating the cherries off the tree. They also enjoyed our toys and were so good. Gracie is now five! Tomorrow night we will be getting together with Nathan, Sunny, Maddie, Jacob, Judah and McKenna for Jacob's ball game and saying, Happy Birthday to Sunny.


Tricia said...

Isn't that so typical of a large family. Lots of birthdays all at once. From Dec. 15th to Jan. 6 we have 7 birthdays. Yikes, and our family is just starting to sprout grandkids!!!

Inis said...

I love the picture of your family! You are truly blessed!!