Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Chuck

I thought since it's almost Father's Day that I would write my first blog honoring my husband since he's been and is a wonderful father to our 11 children.

I met Chuck when we were only 15 years old and we've been together ever since. We married right after high school graduation and started our marriage with hand me down furniture and little money. He's been such a good provider for us. After working for his dad for the first six years of our marriage he decided it was time to start his own business. He had wallpapered our daughters room and liked doing it so he began his own wallpaper business. He bought some tools, borrowed his dad's pick-up and began handing out his business cards to paint stores and taught himself the trade. Amazing when I look back, as he had to start from scratch and just had faith that God would see him through. We had three children at the time and a house payment and all the bills that come with a growing family. Then our family kept growing and he welcomed each one. He was always looking for different ways to increase his income. For quite awhile he raised birds and had built a 1200 square foot aviary on our almost 1 acre property. Then he started into sales and built up an advertising business and that is what he does today and has for many years.

Twenty years ago, we decided to do a major move and picked Boise, Idaho off the map and with a pregnant wife and 7 children we moved and he had to start all over. He kept some advertising customers in California which kept us going and he built up the wallpapering business here and began seeking advertising customers, also. There has been some lean times, but God has rewarded his efforts and prayers and that positive attitude he possesses.

He is now the father of eleven, grandfather of 15, with one more due in August. He is so proud of all of them. We are blessed to call him husband, father and grandfather!!

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