Monday, June 8, 2009

What Old People Do For Fun

Last year I got the desire to try gardening. Early in our marriage my husband and I planted a small garden, but with little ones and not really knowing what we were doing it wasn't successful. So the years went by and the most I would do would be to throw some wild flower seeds out or plant some flowers, but had decided I didn't have a green thumb. This time I bought a book by Mel Bartholomew called Square Foot Gardening, read it and got excited. Got Chuck involved and he built me a 4x4 square foot with wheels attached and put it on our patio. Nathan, our oldest son, built me another one for my birthday. Picked out a few other spots in the yard, planted tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. It was successful and so rewarding to pick my own veggies and know that I had actually grown them.

This is my second year and Chuck built me three more beds that are 4x15 and one smaller one. We picked out some more small areas in the yard, also, and planted potatoes, more tomatoes. So, now I have 6 beds and several other areas in the yard to care for. I really enjoy it. I'm already picking some strawberries and am amazed at the growth of the plants. I'm excited to see how much produce I grow this year.


Amy said...

I like your blog. You are a really good writer and it was fun to read all of your posts. I will put it in my favorites.

Alicia said...

Hello, I am a freind of Jessica and Chad. I am so impressed with your family. God has truely blessed you. I met you almost 6 years ago at Pastor Marks b-day party and you stuck in my mind. So it was so funny when I met Chad and he said he came from a family of 11. I said that is funny, I had once met a lady that lived here and she was a mom of 11. He pulled out a family portrait and the more we talked we decided it was the same person. Anyways, small world. Love your posts. Have a great day.