Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Treasures

With threatening rains we got up early and picked up my folks and off to yard sales. We found lots of sales, could have stayed out all day there were so many. Sunny, our daughter-in-law, asked us to find her a toaster oven, we found a very nice one for only $2.00. I bought the grandkids some clothing, toys, costumes, art supplies and one homeschooling notebook. The items were 50 cents apiece or less. My favorite find was an old looking pot and that was $5.00, my most expensive item of the day. I like to collect pottery and use it to decorate. I also love boxes and baskets and use them to store items and decorate, too.
This summer I'm on the lookout for small pots for when I start my seedlings next gardening season. I found that clay pots work real well for the seeds instead of the newspaper pots I had made, which after awhile got ugly. I had to look at them for weeks in my dining room and got so tired of them. This next year the clay pots will look alot nicer. Found some more today, so I'm getting quite a collection. My goal is at least 50 of them. I like to overplant because some of those little seedlings don't make it. Something else I would love to find this season is mixer attachments for my KitchenAid I bought last week. The hunt is on!

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