Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Purchase

My new toy is a Food Saver that I purchased this week. Since I do alot of dehydrating and bargain shopping it has come in handy. I recently purchased alot of bulk oatmeal and then repackaged into Food Saver bags and vacumn sealed for future use as it's going to take quite awhile to eat all that oatmeal. It's also great for freezer foods as it keeps the food from getting freezer burned so you save money in the long run. Today I vacumn sealed over 20 lbs. of oats, flour, noodles, nuts and seeds while watching two of my grandchildren, plus cleaned the pantry and refrigerator. I'm tired!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

oooh fun. I am too lazy to do all that!! I just threw my huge bag in the freezer :) Hope you guys have a good weekend. We are headed to McCall.


Tricia said...

These are great. I've borrowed a friends in the past and someday would like to get one. We are doing cherries today. Hopefully we can have them all done by fireworks. My 13 year old son made a deal that he would pit them all if I bought him a soda. Of course I couldn't pass that one up. So here I am checking all the new posts on the blogs I follow while my cherries are being pitted. I feel like a queen!!