Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden Update for June

Tonight we decided to just stay home and attend to the garden. Our children have youth group and so it looks like just Chuck and I at home. We need to weed and pick some more cherries. I think the count is now about 20 gallons that have been dehydrated. The squash plants actually have squash on them, and I've been picking some strawberries and enjoying. The rest of the plants are doing well, growing so big. My spinach has gone to seed, I need a shadier spot in the yard to plant some more. It may be getting too hot to replant, I'm not sure, though, I'm still such a novice to gardening. Trial and error!! I love my new raised beds as I haven't had to do much weeding and I like that they are right off the patio in the side yard. Well, off to work!

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Cinnamon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog~ What a lovely garden. I love gardening. We just cut some mint plants down to hang dry & freeze for the winter~ Can't wait for mint tea :-)